Cooking in the community - Non Architecture Competitions

Cooking in the community

TEAM: Faye Greenwood (British), Eirini Zntravkov (Greek), Amelia Black (British) – Sundae Design Studio


By distilling the core elements of a restaurant into Purchasing, Cooking and Eating, we have created a series of pop-up pavilions to bring cooking to the streets.

Over four million premature deaths per year are caused by exposure to smoke while cooking on open fires and stoves. This is one of the only available methods of cooking within the developing world.

Eating fast food two to three times per week increases the risk of dying from coronary artery disease 50 percent.

The concept aims to re-asses ‘the restaurant’ by creating a public space to bring communities together using; markets selling local produce, kitchens providing safe cooking spaces, and communal dining areas.

The structures are easily assembled and reconfigured from triangular panels of chipboard allowing them to function uniquely in response to their host community’s needs.

The lightweight, flat-pack structure allows communities to assemble them independently, whether they are a pop-up within a city, installed permanently in a village centre, or being used temporarily for aid.