Course of the Day - Non Architecture Competitions

Course of the Day

TEAM: Soae Lee, Jungbin Kim, Euntaek Kim, Dongsun Lim, Seulki Han, Jihye Lee – Republic of Korea – Urban Transformer and Jungbin Kim


If you are looking for some special cuisine for this evening, here we offer real-homemade-dish cooked by chiefs from your next door! Choose your own full course meal of the day from appetizer to main dish and dessert and join in this “hopping-tour of homemade cuisine pop-up restaurants”. We offer further information as well such as the chief’s introduction, specialties, price, ingredients, map, and reviews of previous visitors. You will not be the only one who’s curious of the neighbors’ dish; you can check out who else is coming to the place as well. We assure that this will be your special night to find more about your community!

Register and find the hidden chief of your community and devour delicious food made by them. Remember, it is only possible tonight that you can taste your community this much!

Download the app, check out what chiefs of the community offer tonight, and experience your village turning into magical-restaurant-town!

* We always welcome new chief’s registration! If you are amateur cook who’d love to share your dish with your community, do not hesitate to send your introduction and address to us and be our Chief Member!