DIY Restaurant - Non Architecture Competitions

DIY Restaurant

TEAM: Niko (Seong) Hur – South Korean – HGA, Cornell University


Order Your Restaurant, Be Your Own Chef


Ever wondered what it takes to be a world famous chef? Ever dreamed of owning your own restaurant and cooking delicious entree yourself? Are you fed up with having to wait a long line for a seat at your favorite venue?

Well, the wait is over!

DIY Restaurant allows you to take control. Order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant, anywhere and anytime. Within minutes, a box will be dropped at your door for you to simply pick up and from then, you will turn your everyday kitchen into a world reknowned restaurant. DIY dishbox comes fully equiped with prepared ingredient cubes and recipe manual. Follow the instruction and remove ingredient cubes from the organic frame in order. The moment you remove the cubes, they will return to their original form and state, with retained freshness and flavors.

Simply mix and stir, or microwave for heat, and in minutes, your dinner will be served!