E-train - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Kazuki TAKAHASHI, Ikumi TANAKA, Kohei HIRANO, Marino TAKEDA – JAPAN – Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering


Delicious cuisine should be supplied to people all over the world as evenly as possible. The railway network which is stretched around the world diffuses widely, keeping the place where people gather easily. How wonderful it would be if you could eat all kinds of delicious cuisine at each of the myriad of stations on the track. When a vehicle with a kitchen arrives at a daily station where people come and go, the spot changes into a restaurant. Now, it is preparing to open tables and chairs. Don’t forget candles, too.Those in the middle of the journey, office workers on the way home, family spending the holidays, everyone is looking forward to opening the restaurant. And another vehicle has come from another place with regional special products. Fish with water tanks, vegetables with farms are loaded on the vehicle, so they are fresh! A collaboration between a skilled chef and the best ingredients is developed in the station and fascinates your tongue.