EAT CONNECT - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: ILIEVSKI Marty, PAGEAU Lea – France – ENSAV Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles


Eating is a need that is being shared more and more. The restaurant is a facility to spend friendly moments with our loved ones. Unfortunately, a restaurant has never been able to gather two people living 12,000 km from each other. This seems unlikely in this hyper connected world in which we are living. It is possible to discuss, share and play around the world and why not share a meal? A meal with who we want and where we want. For example, share a meal while talking business with his colleague on a business trip? Or to share a long-distance family Christmas meal?
This is the concept “Eat connect”, a prefabricated capsule with the latest technology that can be put every where in the world, in any restaurant. It guarantees the use of a minimum space that can accommodate one or more people. It’s a technology capsule that brings together people in two different places. Thanks to its “Eat connect” application you can also project yourself by choosing an unusual setting. Why not a candlelight dinner in the heart of the Sahara with his girlfriend? Or at the top of the Himalayas?