In the beginning was the table - Non Architecture Competitions

In the beginning was the table

TEAM: Ivana Krmpotić – Croatian – Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning, University of Zagreb


Table is material object, it exists in space and time; it has a physical existence in what is called the real world. Like most objects, tables are classed according to their similarities; an actual table in physical reality is an instance of that class. A material object exists in an environment and is usually only able to survive and continue its existence in a certain environment. Tables sustain their existence by possessing certain characteristics or performing certain functions.

Far more than a flat surface upon which to dine, the table can be the heartbeat of festivus. It’s a place to gather, to talk and to reconnect.

Though the legacy has grown over the years, even in today’s contemporary world, the modest table continues to be a center of activity.

Each table is different from the next, no matter how alike they look, are all in some way dissimilar and individual.

Since there is no absolute essence that all tables possess, their connection may be attributed to human perceptions and the way the human mind organises the world.

Humanity is the only thing that binds tables to tables.