Is space seasoning? - Non Architecture Competitions

Is space seasoning?

TEAM: Alexis Boivin, Aureliano Ramella – Canada, Switzerland


Gastrophysics, is space seasoning?

Gastrophysics is an emerging interdisciplinary field combining gastronomy and psychophysics, which investigates the various factors that have an influence on the eating experience.  The latest publication by Charles Spence, entitled Gastrophysics: The new Science of Eating, gives clues on the links connecting space and flavour perception by examining human’s associations between geometry and taste. Based on the results of that research, this project examines how architecture can become an ingredient in the sensorial experience of a meal and also proposes a vision of democratized gastronomy. To do so, the restaurant becomes a public space where guests and bystanders can meet around the celebration of food. Furthermore, the traditional restaurant typology is inversed – the kitchen contains the dining rooms. This arrangement generates a diversity of spatial features to enhance the seasons changing ingredients and chef’s creativity.