Mother Earth - Non Architecture Competitions

Mother Earth

TEAM: Mathilde Meurice (Nationality : French,  University : National Superior School of Architecture of Nantes), Victor Donnart (Nationality : French,  University : National Superior School of Architecture of Nantes).


A phantasmagorical but dystopian return to natural roots

Tuesday, January 1st 2984. Devastated by the global warming, the world has turned into an arid desert. The humans, responsible for this disaster, have been transformed into some perpetual travelers. They have conquered several new “worlds” that are the result of the rise of the sea level and the progression of the high technologies. As the story moves on, the Artificial Intelligences are entrusted with the role of ensuring the world’s food production.

Inside “Mother Earth”,which is the only sample of the earth’s golden age, a global ecosystem has grown – a natural version of what we usually call “permaculture”. This huge capsule is cultivated by some clever drones, as humans are moved aside from the production process. The raw production is driven to the “Nourishing Subunits”, a new version of the antique earthenware vases,  where the finished meal is cooked. This raw production is used as much as possible, in a no-waste cycle. The articulated robots inside the capsules are programed to create some various meal, adapted to each person and with a nutritive conscious. A new way of getting food is actualized : an alternative “vending machine”, but creating various social links thanks to some large circular tables.