Restaurant 2.0 - Non Architecture Competitions

Restaurant 2.0

TEAM: Triantafillos Danios, Anastasia Christidou – Greek – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)


Hungry for some socializing?_

We eat with our eyes first”. It is a quote that has been the mantra of many chefs throughout history, but in today’s technological world it stands truer than ever. People constantly upload pictures of their food on social media platforms, thus proving a need to share their experience with others. This type of behaviour is indicative of their hunger not so much for food anymore but for something completely different, the opportunity to meet and interact with other people over the idea of food.  Inspired by this we tried to create a restaurant that would use this virtual representations of food to bring people closer together. With a set of VR glasses people from all over the world are transferred into a surreal environment, inspired by retro futuristic elements, where the social media logos become spatial structures that host their own version of restaurants. There people use their avatars to socialize over virtual food choices, meanwhile in the real world their choices are translated into a set of pills that contain the nutrients of the dish so they can “eat” their meal, similar to how an astronaut would eat.