Self-Chef - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Andrei Nicolescu – Romanian

Automated Synth Cooking Printer

Ever wanted to try and cook but your talents failed you ? No more ! With the easy to use Self-Chef, a nutritious healthy diet custom built for you is at you fingertips. Don’t wait for your service, just click away and create your meal to print in minutes. Automated self-service is the future of eating, and it will be 3D printed. This simple machine can make up very nutritious food, that satisfies your needs of taste and enjoyment through a process of molecular synthetization form a food library, and 3D printing it and heating it up for you.

Moreover, the synthetizer offers you a number of benefits such as perfect nutrition, as it controls the nutritional content of food, geared towards balance and suited for each and everyone. Now you can eat whatever you want as it will make sure it’s healthy.

A cheap and healthy alternative to today’s eating habits, it helps those in need be they the impoversihed or disaster stricken areas, or low agricultural production areas, as it only needs to synth molecules to create and dispense food form its own well developed library.