skyPod - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Zhan WANG – Chinese


Sky Pod – A virtual eating experience delivered to your door

In a world of endless options for food, we are increasingly seeking the most exotic experiences. Whether it is having a bowl of ramen in a tiny noodle shop in Tokyo or sampling unrefined orange wine with your favourite tapas in southern Spain, the eating experience hugely depends on our surroundings.

Sky pod delivers these experiences by matching your surroundings to the food, greatly enhancing the authenticity of the eating experiences. Chefs no longer only create the food on the plate but also curate the contents displayed in the pod making it more relevant to food on offer. This can go as far as having “scene pairing” for different courses, making it a more relevant dining experience.

These expenses are made more personalised by delivering it to your door. Guests can effortlessly walk from their living room straight onto the pod.