Society Backwards - Non Architecture Competitions

Society Backwards

TEAM: Aleksandra Nikolic – Serbian


Antic restaurant for the single ones

What is the restaurant nowadays? Have the places like this been there before, and does their function changed through the time? The restaurant nowadays, beside consuming good-quality food, are actually social places. If the modern cuisine is going back to the natural ingredients, why can’t the concept of the architectural project be based on going back to the basic function of the restaurants and taking the architecture that we already have under our foots. For instance, Belgrade lies on the whole antic roman city. The existing site has been used as a new society place – the restaurant. In this ancient building there is only one bar – set as a basic unit of the socialization, not intended for reservations for two, but for the ones that experience the food and drink adventure alone. This restaurant is made for the single ones – ones that desire to find their other half. Aren’t the modern restaurants right places for that? The ancient architecture of the building reminds us of our ancestors, of the true values. On the other hand, that a bit déjà vu architecture, gives us the opportunity to feel food with all our senses – to taste, to smell and to hear it.