THE MOBILE FACTORY - Non Architecture


TEAM: Mark Andrew Lee – Singaporean – De Montfort University

Overworked labourers, horrible working environments, and animal-like treatments, all for the sake of increasing efficiency. These are the stigmas that come along with the conventional factory. Companies like Pegatron and Foxconn have both overworked and forced its employees into detrimental actions such as suicide. This is an unsustainable form of manufacturing. How then, can we introduce a more humane and still efficient solution?

Enter the Mobile Factory. Gone are the days of working tirelessly in a numbing ever stagnant environment with poor conditions. Now if you wish to be a factory worker you simply sign up for it on the Mobile Factory App and it will brief you on the safety procedures and instructions. An air drone will then be buzzed through the app every morning to bring you the materials needed to get started, allowing you to work anywhere throughout the day. Once you have finished, simply notify the app and the drone will return to receive the assembled components.

As the world continues to advance, so too must perceptions about the possibilities of industrial realities. The Mobile Factory strives to be a 21st century minded factory in a 21st century world.