The Slow Supper - Non Architecture Competitions

The Slow Supper

TEAM: Marie-Therese Krejcik, German, Vienna University of Technology


The most delicious wait you’ll ever have

Welcome to The Slow Supper, the most delicious wait you’ll ever have!

Please choose your ingredients carefully. Once you pick an ingredient you will be informed about how long it takes to grow it, its ecological impact and when you will be able to enjoy it. The date of your meal will update itself throughout the process of composing your slow supper.

Our calendar will inform you about the progress made continuously, the dates your veggies will be planted and if you choose meat from a live animal, its conception. Please choose cultured meat if you would like to speed things along. If you have become a vegetarian in the meantime, please let us know so we can redistribute your slice of meat.

We encourage you to attend the planting of your ingredients and checking in regularly. Feel free to watch your salad grow!

On the day of your slow supper, you will receive a reminder to harvest your ingredients. Afterwards, you can proceed to your favorite cook.

Enjoy the slowest supper in town!