TUBER - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Andre Bahremand, Danny Ngo, Rhys Griffith – Australian – University of Melbourne


Ambience sold separately

The restaurant typology as we know it is dying. “Tuber” is the future of food distribution, the restaurant and the dining experience.
Following the current trends of food distribution, apps like Uber Eats have begun the to shift the way we consume food. Cuisine is no
longer limited to a physical place. We now have access to an almost endless menu. The proposal takes this simple idea and propels it into
a not-so-distant future where food distribution is a part of a city-wide network. In the past the cuisine has defined the spatial qualities of a
restaurant. Tuber frees the limitations of the restaurant, allowing the ambience to complement the experience rather than the food
defining the spatial qualities. It has been minimised to a module that connects people by an augmented interphase. Consumers now have
access to a limitless menu with limitless backdrops to suit the desired experience. Tuber allows absolute food accessibility connecting
people from across the world to enjoy the simple pleasures of eating a meal with loved ones.