Urban Oasis - Non Architecture Competitions

Urban Oasis

TEAM: Christina Nikitaki, Dimitra Tsiami – Greek


Common Ground for Human, Food and Nature

The proposed restaurant typology is based on nature’s grandeur and on cultivation’s purity.

Α metallic skeleton takes the form of a passage, bounding an oasis of goods and fruits. The arched entrances, planted with aromatic herbs, invite you to a novel experience of tasty pleasures and mental relaxation. The imposing domed – shape construction forms a landmark in the city scale, highlighting the value of eating process, while at street level it functions as a nature’s doorstep.

Through the Urban Oasis trees and plants thrive, creating open and closed spaces of light and shade, offering a unique atmosphere. A visitor can dive in pure food essentials produced by nature. On free will, he can join the meal preparation or fulfill the role of a spectator.

Urban Oasis is a fertile land among the noise and the hostility of the city. It is an important medium of joining subcultures, exchange mindsets, chill out, entertain and finally escape norm and routine. The inseparable relation of socializing and basic needs is reprogrammed to its primal origins.

It is an environment that awakens the senses and symbolizes a terrestrial paradise of tastes and feelings.