VERTICAL FARM - Non Architecture Competitions


TEAM: Kazuki TAKAHASHI, Ikumi TANAKA, Kohei HIRANO, Marino TAKEDA – JAPAN – Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering


Farm Has Come to City

Nowadays, the distance is physically and mentally far between farmers and consumers. People are not interested in where ingredients are from. They do not hesitate to trash food, and eat only snack.

Let’s make FARMING and EATING closer.

VERTICAL FARM has come to a city. People would spend time with VERTICAL FARM near them. They become aware of the existence of the farm and the farmers, and notice that the farmers work hard for people eating.  When you visit VERTICAL FARM, you eat with seeing the farm. Everyone in the city would be thankful to EATING.

This farm consists of layered floors. The number of floors is decided by the kinds of vegetables and fruits, and the size of floors is decided by the enough area to provide for 15,000 people. One floor supplies one kind of vegetable or fruits.

Moreover, Plant Factory is introduced because we can grow plants everywhere. Plant Factory is not limited with the place of the position. Plant Factory has two types: full controlling type and sunlight combine type. Outside of the floor is half controlled, and inside of the floor is fully controlled.

When ingredients grow near people, everyone think about EATING.