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We are glad you decided to join the competition.

The purchase of the entry fee it’s organized through our Paypal profile, in order to provide the safest procedure for all the participants. Payments will be available for Paypal accounts and credit cards. In case you do not have a Paypal account, the credit card payment will be automatically available.

If you do not visualize the credit card payment option, it might be due to the presence of a PayPal account registered with your e-mail.

After completing the payment, you will receive a first e-mail from Paypal to confirm the transaction. In maximum 7-8 hours Non Architecture competitions will accept your payment and provide you with a registration code.

Before that happens, your payment will be kept on hold and you will be able to cancel your purchase any time you want without any adding cost.

When your payment will be accepted, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail from Non Architecture Competitions. In the e-mail you will also find your registration code. 15 days before the final deadline, the submission form will be available on your user page. You will be able to access with your code and submit your project.

Good Luck!