Year: 2016
Function: Interior architects
Site location: Venice, Italy
Institution: Konstfack, Spatial Design Master 2, Stockholm
Brief description of the project: THREE SITES


Five spots / 10 minutes / Pen / Paper

Three sites in Venice; Campo di Marte at Giudecca, Ghetto Nuovo and San Marco square represented through our eyes, brains, ears and hands. By choosing, visiting and documenting three different sites our project became like a travel journal filled with our personal experiences and impressions.

Our work in Venice started in the Portuguese pavillion in and about the neighborhood Campo di Marte on the Giudecca island. The aim of their exhibition was show a project from the 1980’s by Àlvaro Siza at this neighborhood. They showed a documentary about Àlvaro meeting the inhabitants were they discussed his thoughts about the block and their experiences. Our drawings represent this area that differ a lot from the touristic parts of Venice by appearances, atmosphere and its inhabitants.

After our visit at Giudecca we picked another part of the city with a special history. Ghetto Nuovo is the oldest ghetto in the world and it dates back to the 9th century. As we started to draw the site our interest grew. So to gain information we went on a guided tour, and our grown knowledge represented itself in our next drawings of the site. When the Jews were deported to this small island they were not allowed to build new architecture which made them build their synagogues in the already existing buildings. Buildings with five windows is a sign for synagogue.

Our visits to these places that were unknown to us as tourists gave us a desire to document and represent a more popular place in Venice. San Marco was an obvious choice as it represents a beloved and influential part of Venice. This site also represents welfare and power by its grand buildings in luxurious materials. The stream of tourists also became part of the pictures as they were blocking the famous sights.

Caroline Asserlind, Ingrid Persson
05 09 16 – 06 09 16
Nationality: Swedish
Contacts: ingridpersson.se
City and date of birth: Stockholm, 900417 / Stockholm, 850507
Tutors: Rochus Hinkel, Anna Odlinge

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Author: Caroline Asserlind, Ingrid Persson