Year: 2016
Function: Architecture
Site location: Toulouse
Institution: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Toulouse
Brief description of the project: In a few words Cosmonostro is about how we can envision the commercial zone differently and how people can take the power back on city’s production. Doing so it means sharing existing plots, parkings and space in general, bringing chaos in a systematic and monofunctional environment, and bridging functions and uses instead of destroying the context. It also means that citizens are responsible for building their city, as the community oversteps the institutions by a bottom up process instead of a top down vision.

But Cosmonostro is also a reflection on the architect’s status in a society where he’s less and less needed. The project sure is an utopia, but by the drawings i have the power to show alternatives, connect to people and eventually convince them. By drawing a situation and transforming it, i can bring out new ideas like Dom Cobb does in Inception. We are artists before technicians, and just like writers, directors and painters, we need to show the path.
Nationality: France
City and date of birth: Figeac 08 01 1991
Tutors: Daniel Estevez, Francine Zarcos, Véronique Joffre

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Author: Arnaud Jouanchicot