Venice Stories

Year: 2016
Function: interior architects
Site location: Venice
Institution: Konstfack University College of Arts
Brief description of the project: Wandering around, observing the space, the mood changing and the contrasts between the places we visited.

We were drawn by the many details that raised our curiosity along the walk, entering the palazzi, looking out the window to witness the rooftops and many terraces. Letting backstreets swallow us to end in an unexpected large square or being distracted by churches side entrances to enter mysterious spacious rooms.

Over the day we discovered a plethora of intriguing spaces, all leading to one another. Every place had a story written by the people, details starting to write what could be the endless story of taking a walk in Venice.

That Monday started in Cannaregio, brought us to the Ghetto and lead all the way around to Dorsoduro to end at San Marco and visit La Fenice.

The result of our observations and discussions is a rich database of pictures taken to document key moments and to be able to see the many contrasts afterwards. The inside and the outside, the narrow to the wide and the darkness to bright lights.

The project was extended in two different directions. The first approach established a specific location were stories happened as the day went by while the other went on an exploration, hunting for stories.

On a Tuesday morning, Vivi decided to take her experience of the space in words and to let other senses contribute more than they usually do: sounds became more present and the body sat down on benches and rested again cold walls.

This exploration was initiated by movement, the action of walking and letting the external factors decide of the way to go. The events encountered took care of the narrative. The stories were written at specific places in the moment and sometimes left unfinished, triggered by sounds of the bells, children playing, musicians, steps on the gravel, and conversations in Italian. Narrow spaces guided the way; hidden gardens became the source of a dreams and life scenarios.

On that same Tuesday, Carolina decided to contemplate the changing atmospheres of the Rialto Market area as the day passed by. This exploration aimed to reflect about the different elements that makes a place and the atmospheres these creates.

The canals, the Venetian architecture, the squares, streets and alleys and the people taking part, locals and travelers, merchants and passers by. How sunlight highlights the colors around, how night covers the canals in black, and give city lights an opportunity to take part, to blend in with the island at night. All these elements combine to give us a Venice full of different facets and stories, some more magical than others, some more confusing and less enjoyable.

Afterwards we compared our experiences, looking at the way stories can relate to the space, in one case being brought to a site and evolving with time, and in the other case initiated by the movements and action of walking.
Nationality: Mexican ; Swiss (both based in Sweden)
Contacts: ;
City and date of birth: Mexico City, 1984 ; Neuch√Ętel, 1988
Tutors: Anna Odling ; Rochus Hinkel

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Author: Carolina Crespo Uribe and Virginie Stubi