Year: 2015

Function: Chapel

Site location: Somewhere in the forest, probably near Münster, Germany

Institution: Münster School of Architecture

Brief description of the project: A space built with earth and light.

The form or appearance are not important; it has no façades, no openings and no other materials than the ones found in the forest.

The main focus is the perception of time, our subjective perception of time.

Three spaces, each one with a different protagonist (man, light and materia), shows us three different perceptions of time.

1. Immediate time; the man coming down the stairs into the empty courtyard.

2. Cyclical time; the light invades the dark space.

3. Progressive time; the evolution of materia, where the tree grows and the rammed earth walls will come back to the ground where they belong.

Nationality: Spanish

Contacts: www.elenarivero.com

City and date of birth: Madrid, Spain. 25/04/1992

Tutors: Prof. Johannes Schilling

1-concept 2-sections 3-plan 4-models 5-modelbauen

Author: Elena Rivero