Archivio Nomade Stalker


PARTNERS: Thanks to Istituto Svizzero Hosted by Microclima-Serra dei Giardini

The Stalker Archive is Nomad within Biennale Urbana starts its explorative travel through the uncertain lands in between Europe and the Mediterranean sea, in between Art and City, in between Formation and Transformation.

The Stalker Archive is Transfert, in the sense that goes back to those that were the action sites of Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade in its 20 years of activity, this to stimulate new actions, this to stratify the relationship with those sites and to weave into a single acting the memory of its experiences and the experience of its memories.

The Stalker Archive is a Common since Stalker is an opened practice shared in years with artists, researchers, inhabitants on the sites investigated.

This is why Stalker invites everybody to harvest memories, testimonies, documents or materials about those actions and partecipate the construction of the archive. Very welcome are also all the people that has no memory of it, but would like to act those memories into a new experience.

The Naked Archive, is a nomadic project initiated by Stalker together with, and supported by the Istituto Svizzero di Roma, within the laboratory Studio Roma 2016 now landed in Venice at the Microclima/Serra dei Giardini

File in action: Amacario

Amacario is a tool to transform the marginal, abandoned and often inhospitable spaces that Stalker crosses into sites for a temporary nomadic living. With a fast and collective gesture, a long canvas textile searches handholds through which weaves inedited relationships in between people and sites extraneous to each others. This allows the spontaneous emerging of a suspended community in a border environment.

Amacario is also a sleeping ad dreaming architecture, where to let yourself fall asleep, leaving your unconscious relate with the one of the others.

Amacario is a performance architecture that allows people to create situations and experiences always different that reshape the space continuously, by acting it.

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