PARTNERS: design and production: “BURB/CuRe-design” artists: Mirko Donati, Serena Boccanegra / Bottega Gibigiana collaborators: ass.OfficinaMarinoni

BURB/CuRe-design – The ex Ospedale al Mare (OAM), an abandoned 36 pavilions health colony for children right on the beach of Lido, is both a place to reinvent in its use and a place to learn from,either in the way it was conceived, with a theatre in its core and in the way it was abused by speculation, dismantled and abandoned with carless for the public interest. OAM with its Teatro Marinoni, gathered the association Officina Marinoni which, in the last four years, has been taking care of its destiny and designing its future. The incredible catalogue of its abandoned and “sick” tools for the Cure is becoming an Archive and some of them have been chosen to be reassembled into new tools for Curating the City and to make visible the OAM condition. In this frame Biennale Urbana has the honor to collaborate with the artist Mirko Donati to design and build the Turning Table, a tool for developing participatory processes. All the materials used by the artist were taken at the abandoned hospital to be re-used and to represent the meeting in between different cultures. Mirko Donati is a polyhedric artist, a traveller which needs to experience in order to discover and create his work. Greedy for life, he feeds on it and, by re-inventing with subtle perception many quite different materials, he transforms everything he runs into. Iron is his greatest love. As self-taught, his education comes from life and work.