Tesla Car Dealership


Year: 1992

Function: Car Dealership and Museum

Site location: Detroit, Michigan

Brief description of the project: The Tesla Car Dealership located on Michigan, Detroit seeks to become a node of life in the area. The building hopes to be a power engine for a neglected downtown location and boost the surroundings with activity. The mix-used quality of the building should activate and revive the street, becoming a kind of urban battery itself that charges the neighborhood with life, and slowly claims back the city’s livability.

Car engines consist in a series of connections and forces that ultimately turn power on. By connecting to the adjacent landmark building, the Tesla Car Dealership seeks to absorb and expand the icon’s urban energy and force.

Nationality: United States

Contacts: sebastianfuentes-design.com

City and date of birth: Quito, Ecuador 14/09/1992

Tutors: Prof. Matthew Ducsik

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Author: Cristian Fuentes