Incandescent life

– Function: urban photographer, graphic designer

– Site location: Paris

– Year: 2010 and 2011

– Institution: FIAC Show Off exhibition

– Website:

Vic is a young photographer who has been shooting Paris since she was 12. Her photos have been displayed at the Fiac Show off twice.

The aim of this project was to explore several aspects of the touristic center of Paris in order to find what reality was behind the worldwide renown images. Vic chose to work only « straight from the camera » in order to show the city as naked as could be. That’s why she never used Photoshop or any other artificial embellishment.

She chose three emblematic places considered to be the beating heart of the « City of Lights » (the bistros, the Pompidou art center, the Pont des Arts). This three entities made her realize that not only light characterizes the city, but also its frantic rhythm.

Les Bistros, Parisian clock.

The serie Les Bistros gives a good grasp of this pulse. Parisian life starts very early in the morning then accelerates from hour to hour to reach a climax between 7pm and midnight. During this time, tourists and locals come and go between work meetings and visits. Bistros are a display of the rhythm of Paris, but beyond the touristic image they give, they are still a true parisians concern.

Bistro 33 © Vic photographer

Bistro 31 © Vic photographer

Bistro 30 © Vic photographer


Beaubourg, Movement made Architecture.

Beaubourg is a building that many parisians don’t know whether to love or hate. Capturing structural details, Vic shows its apparent simplicity through dynamic compositions. The rigid movement of the people makes them look almost robotic in comparison, inverting the roles between life and matter. Behind the photo shoots of the serie Beaubourg, one contradiction : criticism of modern architecture, and the urge to be modern at the same time.


Shuttle 2 © Vic photographer


Shuttle 1 © Vic photographer

Rouge et Ombres 2, 3 and 4 © Vic photographer

L’attache-coeur, Love 2.0.

In her serie L’attache-Cœur, she explores the trend of the love-locks on the Pont des Arts, wondering what could drive so many couples to redecorate centennial bridges into love galleries. These photoshoots, very detailed and fontal, show the vision of a native parisian who is often unaware of how powerful the fantasy of the romantic city is.

L’Attache-coeur 13 © Vic photographer

L’Attache-coeur 07 © Vic photographer


– Author: Vic