Year: 2016
Function: SCAD – Furniture Department Exhibition
Site location: Savannah, GA. USA
Institution: SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design.
Brief description of the project: This project consists in creating a digital model created in Rhino using the techniques and characteristics of surfaces from contemporary architecture such as creases, undulate, swell, ripple, bulge, fold & fillet as well as including the viva-section technique. The digital prototype will be a piece of furniture, in this case a bench that will exhibit characteristics explained above and satisfy the architectural criteria of tectonic, volume, and surface. The bench is seen as a volume emerging from the wall.

In this case the bench or surface condition embraces the object which emerges from it. The contour from the surface helps achieve a flowing curvilinear effect which continues through out the whole model and accentuates the surface’s topology.

Bench will be fabricated using a CNC machine and +300 8′ x 6′ x 1/2″ plywood sheets.
Nationality: Ecuatorian
City and date of birth: Quito 14/09/1992
Tutors: Prof. Bob Bazemore1 2 3 4

Author: Cristian Fuentes