Library 2020

Year: 2015

Function: Public Library & Caffe

Site location: Savannah, GA. USA

Institution: Savannah College of Art and Design.

Brief description of the project: The project idea is geared towards the choice of steel construction and mixed materials in response to the building’s historic and load bearing masonry surroundings. The use of modern steel architecture establishes a harmonious balance with the city’s delicate and aging fabric. The city’s unique grid pattern has a direct impact on the formal simplicity and modernity in designing the Public Library for 2020.

The building celebrates the innovative use of modern steel in a historic setting. The old city brick is juxtaposed with the steel structure and facade, which relates to the surrounding context effortlessly. The re-purposed gray brick identifies with the history of the city and serves as a backdrop for the contemporary steel building. Thus, embracing the past with the use of brick and masonry while emphasizing that steel is today what brick and masonry were for past centuries.

“The city and site influenced the vision for the public Library 2020 drawing from the essence of its environment to fit into its historic context.”

Nationality: Ecuatorian


City and date of birth: Quito 14/09/1992

Tutors: Prof. Emad M. Afifi



Author: Cristian Fuentes