Tischlein Deck Dich! A new living space for the Bauhaus

A kitchen garden / table / gathering for the Bauhaus Summer School

Title: Tischlein Deck Dich! “Small Table, be set!” A new living space for the Bauhaus.

Year : 2013

Site location: Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany

Nationality: Austrian, German, French

University / Institution : Stiftung Bauhaus (Dessau, Germany), Institute for Architecture Studies (Fine Arts Academy of Vienna, Austria), ENSA Paris-Malaquais (Paris, France)


Ursula Achternkamp and Chloé Zimmermann


Three in One.

C’mon C’mmons is a collective made of Stefan Gruber, architect and project teacher met at the IKA (Institute for Architecture Studies, Fine Arts Academy of Vienna, Austria), Ursula Achternkamp (visual artist, Germany), Klaus Fischedick (gardener, Germany). Two Stefan Gruber’students joined the project: Tina Wintergeister (IKA, Vienna, Austria) and myself from the ENSA Paris-Malaquais (France). The project was previously designed for a swiss competition of landscape architecture. However, the project has been realized in Dessau in front of the Bauhaus, in order to provide to the Bauhaus Summer School 2013 a place where people could cook and savor food directly on the spot. It represents both a place of restoration and a meeting spot for students and teachers.

The installation « Deck Tischlein Dich» («small table, be set!») consists in a kitchen garden / table / gathering, made of 3 complementary actions: plant your vegetables, cook them and enjoy a nice meal directly!. 310 « magic bags» were required, where tomatoes, salad, cherry , mint and basil, etc. can grow before being relished.


© Studio Gruber

© Studio Gruber


A collaborative project and the happy end.

The installation of the kitchen garden / table was carried out with specific economical concerns, which required a real economy of material resources. The project was made ​​from wooden panels recovered after the Calcutta exhibition (Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau) which was freshly completed. An active and friendly collaboration with the local population has also allowed us to feed our table with potted vegetables and other kinds of plants, coming directly from the inhabitant’s gardens of Dessau. Once the Summer School finished, the project joined a local school in order to provide to disabled kids in wheel chair the opportunity to garden and to feed their own vegetables. A great human and design experience !


The table © Chloé Zimmermann


Sunday brunch around the table with the project participants © Chloé Zimmermann


© Chloé Zimmermann


© Chloé Zimmermann


© Chloé Zimmermann


© Chloé Zimmermann


The Table and some of the 310 magic bags © Chloé Zimmermann


Author: Stefan Gruber, Ursula Achternkamp, Klaus Fischedick, Tina Wintergeister and Chloé Zimmermann