Year: 2014
Function: Lamp
Institution: Architettura “La Sapienza”

Brief description of the project: The worship of light, specifically that of the Sun, is a very ancient rite dating back10.000 years Before Christ (B.C.). It is an element related to positivity, to life, a symbol of struggle against darkness.The ancient Egyptians aligned the pyramids and temples to the Sun’s position of the stars. Inthe Temple of Abu-Simbel, twice a year, the light of dawn-through its orientation-focuseson Pharaon’s diskMy purpose was to play/aimed in small scale the same concept of the Egyptians, using thecopper disk as the main element of my lamp.A stripped down lamp.The project was born from the union of three main geometric elements. The arc/bow isfrom union between the box, anchoring the lamp, and the disk, core element of the lampand light-reflective part, is firmly together by interlocking between the partieswithout screws.#ALBA is a floor and table lamp, diffuse a sweet and warm light for reading andmeditation. Inside the light reflects, broadly and softly, the orange wave of copper,recreating the color of the Sun at dusk and -through the salting of the same material-creates a dynamic light.

Nationality: Italy
Contacts: superfluo1988@gmail.com
City and date of birth: Roma 08/09/1988


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Author: Luigi Palomba