#alcaláaroundtheworld – Daniel Ruiz / Montevideo

0_ Who is Daniel Ruiz?

Daniel Ruiz graduated in the School of Architecture of the University of Alcalá de Henares. He studied one year in Universitá degli studi di Genova as an Erasmus student. In 2014 he decided to go abroad and started working as an architect specialist in Autodesk Uruguay and as an assistant professor of Bioclimatic Architecture in Universidad ORT Uruguay.

1_Nowadays It seems common to consider the possibility of working in other countries. In Spain this is specially important due to the lack of jobs we have. When did you start thinking about the possibility of working abroad? Why did you consider this option?

I started thinking about going abroad during the last years of the degree, when I saw the little job possibilities existing in Spain. I was doing my final thesis when I realized that my only way to find a worthy job opportunity was working abroad.

2_How was you first experience abroad? Was is difficult to start working in a new and different environment with people from other countries?

Looking for a job in other countries is always difficult, because you have little information about how employment is working there and you need a long time to establish a network that could help you to find a job. The differences between constructive systems, methodologies and regulations play against those who come from other places. In favor of you is your previous work experience, your training and the fact you’re foreigner, so you could bring new approaches to the office or company that is hiring you.


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3_And what about the cultures and the cities you’ve lived in? Is there any anecdote you want to tell us about your experience?

Nowadays I live in Uruguay, a country which is not used to receive too much inmigration. The first time you meet an uruguayan and you try to explain him why are you living there he will ask you, Why Uruguay?. When you have answered to this question a thousand times you are worried of telling them always the same thing, so you start inventing new different stories.

4_About Alcalá, how would you describe the training you received there? Do you think we have any skill that characterizes us?

I’m pretty happy with the training I received there, but there are some weaknesses, for example new digital tools or on site architecture. I think Alcalá graduates have some special characteristics like caring about details and graphics, concern about landscape, insertion of the project in his enviroment and a very careful approach to heritage.

5_Refering the main topic of the editorial, future, which do you think is the future for architects? Could be working abroad a good option for graduates?

Architects future is to reinvent the profession, understanding that being an architect is not only working in an office and win competitions, but doing other different things as interesting as the typical ones.

Working abroad is always an option to keep in mind, even more considering that we’re talking about architects. It allows you to learn new ways to understand architecture, meet other professionals and a great opportunity to travel around new places.

6_And what about coming back home…?

Despite the drawbacks I’m happy outside Spain. Although I have very clear that at some point I will go back to Spain, I think I haven’t reach this point yet.

PD: Any message for those who are currently studying architecture worldwide?

Yes, they should enjoy the moment, and take advantage of the situation to find out which kind of architect they want to be, because when they become professionals they won’t have the same opportunities to do it.


Author: Rotating Editor Alcala