Architecture that reflects European culture


The European architecture is being represented through its modern values.

The Award Mies van der Rohe helps to identifiy European Architecture to TOP Architecture. First Awarded building was Vila da Conde of Alvaro Siza Vieira -1988.

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Photo Borges & Irmão Bank- Alvaro Siza; Book “Mies van der Rohe-Award for European Architecture”

Until now Vila da Conde remains a source of inspiration , as the architect Ricardo Bak Gordon says that he sees as a “powerful architectonic image” for young architects. In 2015 the Award Mies van der Rohe goes to Szczecin Philharmonic Hall building; a project designed by the Spanish studio Barozzi Veiga in Poland. Through its examples around the continent, the European architecture is seen as an architecture that creates possibilities of re-living. In the interviews made by European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award, sixteen architects studios from around the continent answered to the question about European Architecture Identity. Some of these architects studios are: 6a Architects (London-UK); J. MAYER H. and partners(Berlin-Germany); OFIS Arhitekti(Ljubljana-Slovenia); ADN Birou de Arhitectura(Bucharest-Romania); BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group( Copenhagen-Denmark) ; KAAN Architecten(Rotterdam-Netherlands); Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos(Madrid-Spain) and Bak Gordon Arquitectos(Lisbon-Portugal). All of the firms answered to the question expressing their own point of view through their works and studies on architecture field. The Romanian architect Bogdan Zaha said: “That in architecture you have to build first to draw conclusions, you cannot talk without a real object”. European cities present rich diversity in urban planning, here architects try to use as reference the pattern of local language that only can be found in a specific context. The Iranian architect Farshid Moussavi talks about new conventions that each architect is taking in European architecture.There is a possibility of choice in shifting convention. New conventions appear to integrate the architecture in the utility of space. An example is the OKLAHOMA passenger port terminal designed by Foreign Office Architects.

The architects changed a number of conventions that influenced how people typically engaged with a ferry terminal. Instead of the conventional way of arranging the terminal around a linear circulation route the group of architects designed it around a loop circulation system through bifurcation terminal floors which seamlessly connect people to levels above and below.

Today European architecture can be seen as an open-source of information for the architects around the world. In a short interview the Romanian architect Claudiu Ionescu, when asked about his practice as an architect, he replied that is about a visionary architecture, an architecture of progress.

Digital Museum - architect Claudiu Ionescu

Digital Museum – architect Claudiu Ionescu

The architect attributed to its architecture some characteristics like: statement, emotions and context. “A European architecture is full of carrying quality, sensibility and possibilities. All these point the future where people want to live in” said Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

Definitely saying “Made in Europe” refer to all that it means Europe: culture, social life and context.


Author: Adriana Ciotau