Most important design news of December 2015

December is not well-known as the moth of news. The new year being around the corner, all the launches and events were postponed. However, let’s have a look to what we could find in the net.

1. Peace for Paris illustration got awarded


Jean Jullien ‘Piece for Paris’ illustration

The Art Director Club Europe (ADC*E ) gave Parisian illustrator Jean Jullien the Creative Distinction prize. ADC*E saw the illustration as the symbol of unity, solidarity and defiance, a sign of piece that everybody could read.

2. Self-cleaning clothes, ODO line.


ODO line, self-cleaning clothes

After a Harvard research group discovered the self-cleaning cotton and polyester fabrics in 2014, the SLIPS (slippery liquid-infused porous surfaces) technology has finally been commercialized – at least there is the attempt of commercialising it through a Kickstarter campaign. The company ensure that the clothes will never stink nor stain and starting from December on you can pre-order them and verify yourself. If you want to know more about the engineering process of the technology:

3. Alessi wins 3 GOOD awards

Alessi Award winning objects

Alessi GOOD Award winning objects

Alessi received three awards for: 1) ‘Opus’, a textured centerpiece by Guido Venturini, 2) ‘Condiment Set’ by Peter Zumthhor inspired by stalagmites and stalactites, 3) ‘Ossidiana’ the Mario Trimarchi’s sculptural coffee maker. The award intend to reward the most original, visionary and innovative invention and designs. Here the details of the products:

4. Boncho, poncho protecting cyclers from rain.


Poncho by Vanmoof

Cycling under the rain could no longer be a problem according to dutch bike manufacturer Vanmoof. The idea is a poncho able to protect the wearer and its bike from the rain, Boncho. The poncho, which can be zipped into a small pouch, is designed to cover the bicycle’s handlebars ( whatever size or style) and in that way the wearer legs and hands too without reducing his agility.

5. Design week Miami


Raft dog Lamp by Stuart Haygart

The month opened with the design week in Miami with over 30 galleries from around the world participating. Different themes were touched and apparently the quality of the designs was high although the fair was geared more towards pushing sales instead of the designs and designers.

6. Re-designing self-destructive satellites in space.


space debris

The european Space Agency is working on the ‘clean space Programme’ in order to eliminate pieces of debris orbiting the Earth. The redesign of the satellites function consist of making them melt before they re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, preventing space pollution and simplifying space missions making certain orbits available.

7. Little Bishop new pendant light hook



Dominique Hunter and Antony Richards designed an elegant hook to naturally hang lights. The hook has its style but it completes its shape only when the cable is twisted around it. A simple but efficient solution.

8. Caruso, bluetooth music cabinet for Miniforms


‘Caruso’ by Paolo Cappello

In the digital age, the Italian designer Paolo Cappello decided to design a trumpet-shaped speaker, giving music back its shape. The inspiration came from gramophones and brought the designer to a 39-inch ceramic trumpet (available in different colors) installed into a wooden cabinet.

9. Flux, 3d printed kinetic sculpture

Flux by Dieter Pilger

Flux by Dieter Pilger

Design and mathematics for a 3d printed object. Dieter Pilger designed around the mathematics of the Fibonacci sequence and created an object that plays with the viewer’s perception and appears to move when staring directly at it.

10. December 3NTA rotating editor: ALCALÀ

Alalà rotating project

Alcalà rotating project

If you missed the urban design projects uploaded by our rotating editor during the month of December, here the links:


Author: Giulia Fioravera