Most important design news of January 2016


1. Interesting cooperations: Moleskine + Driade


driade+moleskine_desk_shelfPortable Atelier is a series of portable objects and piece of furnishing realized by Driade and designed by Philippe Nigro. The whole collection is related with the desk theme and its aim is to create a ‘wandering’ working-studying area. The shelf , with its simplicity and elegance is the key piece; it allows the user to carry his items during an inspiring journey. The capsule collection was presented at IMM colonia 2016

2. Gyroglove, glove helping people with parkinson

GyrogloveA young medical student named Faii On has developed a glove able to help people with parkinson doing simple activities like holding a spoon while eating a soup. The glove technology tries to stabilize the patients’ tremors by using a mechanical gyroscope able to constantly spin at thousands of RPMs and rebalance in real time the wearer’s trembling.

3. Deign invention: air bonsai

air_bonsaiJapanese company Hoshinchu has invented the Air Bonsai, a system able to levitate small bonsai above a small electrified pedestal. The available in different design variations pedestal, is powered by a built-in magnet and it has a rotating mechanism. The project started a very successfully kickstarter campaign.

4. New Super 8 film camera by Kodak

kodak_superfilmKodak decided to launch a new generation of film cameras linking analog and digital, in order to satisfy all the users’ needs. The company tried to make shooting analog as easy as possible by offering the scan and delivery service on the purchased films. The camera comes with an integrated microphone, a digital viewfinder, leather handle and pistol and it has 2 color options, black and white.

5. Masquespacio Design creates Kessalao interior

Masquespacio-Design-Kessalao-Bonn-Foto-Cualiti-1The collective Masquepacio designed a brand for the german mediterrean food take away service Kessalao, basing their project on the drop of olive oil and trying to keep the identity fresh and modern. The colors used are Mediterranean and the materials natural ( a lot of wood), in order to relate with the natural ingredients of the take away cuisine. The result is a stunning visual impact and a very tiny but organized space of just 40 square meters.

6. Mc Donald’s rebranding project

mcdonalds_2016_fashion_boxBy the end of the year each store will be provided with the new packagings. British ‘Boxer’ led several agency in the simple but effective rebranding process. The colors are inspired by the names of the new sandwich ( es. passion purple) and they are actually pretty bright and strong as well as the very bold and prominent typographic choice.

Two students from Miami International University of Art designed fashion accessories (shoes and handbags) included in the branding campaign.

7. Cassina collection ‘ Reaction Poetique’

reaction_poetique_cassinaThanks to the Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon, Cassina goes back to primitive arts and organic shapes. The The collection include table centerpieces and trays, all realized in solid ash-wood. The designer wanted to create something sculptural and somehow combine hand craftsmanship with industrial innovation.

8. Artek presents Kaari collection

bouroullec-kaari-ArtekThe Bouroullec brothers created a collection strongly linked to Artek’s roots but trying to be innovative in a intelligent, versatile and expressive way. Inspired by L-shaped from Alvar Aalto the collection includes shelfs, tables, and desks – all characterized by the ‘arch’ (Kaari in Finnish) shape.

9. FOG design+ art highlight

Identity-Check-Mirrors_Stonefox_dezeen_936_6_2Stonefox architects presented a series of mirrors at ehe FOG Design+ Art 2016 ( San Francisco, 14-17 January). The mirrors are created so to complicate and distort views with multiple images . The initial idea was to blend peoples reflection when standing next to each other– here come the name of the series, Identity check. The inclination of the mirrored surface though, allow to see only a small part of people but shows fragmented images of the environment around.

10. January 3NTA rotating editor: Athens

adhocracy exhibition, athens 2015Discover the post digital design experience that greek students shared with us: