Institute for Architecture

Year : 2015

Function: Institute for Architecture

Site location: Cologne, Germany

Nationality: Spanish

City and date of birth: Madrid, 04/04/1993

University / Institution : Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Tutors: Julian Krüger, Jochen Siegemund, Katharina Koppe.


The history of architecture is told by the buildings that compose our cities, but the challenge in this project is, that has to be the building itself the one who tell us about the whole history of the German architecture.

When we think about the history of architecture, we realize that it has a beginning but not yet an end. That is something that the building has to represent through its shape and structure. They have to have the possibility to develop themselves at the same time that the history of architecture does. The ideal form that allows infinite growth is the spiral, and this project is based on it.

When we think about architecture, we think about it like a mix of different arts that compose a whole that is architecture. This idea of “addition” is then used to compose the whole project: there is a nexus (architecture) that joins every part of the program in a whole that symbolizes that complex idea of architecture.

When we think again about architecture, and its history, we realize that it has to have three different parts, like history does: past, present and future. This three different parts have to appear physically and conceptually in the project and content different aspects of the program. This building have to think above all, about the future of architecture and the people who make it possible: the students.

The project has to represent the soul of Germany and how Germany works. Germany has been through many tumultuous periods in its history, but at the end, Germany always come back with strength and positivism, never forgetting what happened, but rebuilding and joining harmoniously past and present, new and old.

That is why I have chosen a place where I could find something that belong to the past, the old Fabric, and new space that I could use to join symbolically everything together.

Germany is also well known because of its industry, production, precision and because of that word: MACHEN, that means to make. The fabrics are this old and forgiven temples that deserve a second chance to recover their meaning of making something, in this case, making the architecture of the future.

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Fabric interior image

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Author: Andrea Molina Cuadro