mateЯeality | 25 under 25


A competition and an Exposition of diploma projects, bringing the project a step closer to their materialisation.


mateЯeality | 25 under 25

A few words on the conception of the idea of the competition and the exposition:

Ever since the platform of was established in 2011, one of the goals was the organisation of architectural competitions as well as expositions, with the aim of contributing to the difusion of architecture beyond the relatively narrow circle of architecture students, to the general public. This desire has been repeatedly expressed before through our participation in expos, the design of installations, but came to full bloom last year when, in collaboration with the team of Archisearch, we were given the chance to organize the competition and the exposition «mateЯeality | 25 under 25», within the framework of Design Lab Athens. The idea came from our collaboration with the platform Archisearch and particularly B. Mpartzokas(founder) and S. Martinos(Editor in chief) and has substantially been an attempt to document the contemporary tendencies in architecture and design, emphasizing on the concept of materiality.

The topic of the Competition:

The theme of last year’s competition «mateЯeality | 25 under 25» has been Tourism as an axis of architecture production, space development and identity of places as well. The matter of tourism was treated with a general and maybe ill-defined way, so that it embraced a wider sum of spaces that seduce the visitor, either as public spaces or interventions in organized beaches, museums, residences or even spaces of pastime and commerce.

A review of the global experience of the competition and the exposition:

In the first phase of the competition we had 60 diploma project submitted, from schools all over Greece but also Italy, UK, Netherlands, even Romania, all from Greek students. The jury, consisting of worldwide known architect Konstantinos Poulopoulos, AUTH professor Anastasios Tellios, architectural historian and Editor in Chief of Archisearch Stavros Martinos and one delegate from team, chose 25 proposals that would take part in the next phase and the exposition that took place in Technopolis of the city of Athens municipality, during Design Lab Show 2015. Finally, all 25 projects chosen expressed in the best possible way the wide variety of architectural production as seen today under the influence of new technologies(digital fabrication modelling like 3dprinting, laser cutting, etc) but also of new social and financial parametres. A conference centre, interventions in natural landscapes, an outdoors camping lot, a workshop of rock processing, even a wooden building, are only to name a few of the 25 projects presented in the exposition. Promotional Banner of the exposition. From Above and clockwise: The team of Archstudies, Anastasios Tellios,Konstantinos Poulopoulos, Stavros Martinos, Sofia Tsiraki

Materiality has been our first opportunity to organize and design from zero in rela-time condition a competition and an architectural exposition taking into consideration all limitations and parameters that occur in such scale projects- the expo lasted only 3 days, and had to be set up and dismantled in half a day. Our experience from participating in expositions in the School of Architecture in AUTH has been decisive in matters of coordination and organization, in both the processes of the competition and the setting of the exposition, given the limited time, funds and infrastructures.


Exposition Venue Plan

The ground-breaking element of the exposition has been the attempt for the first time in Greece, to connect the young designers to the construction industry though an event, with the purpose of constructing prototypes as part of the exposition, but also as a final stage of the design process. What we tried to achieve was the connection of the initial concept with the materialisation, materiality and construction of prototypes, in an effort for the transition from the unbuilt student project to the materially built. Eventually, all 25 projects-groups that were awarded, had the chance to contact construction companies or companies of structural materials, get informed on structural and constructive matters and finally construct a sample of their project in real-time conditions. The material prototypes and details(of scales 1.1, 1.5) joined the existing models and graphic representations to be exposed, creating an open dialogue between different methods of communicating a project.


General View of the expo


View from the prototypes and the models

Special thanks to:

All the participants of the competition and the 25 chosen projects/groups in particular, for their collaboration, given that the contact with the constructing industry has been a whole new special experience for all of us.

Also, the companies Solid, Urbi et Orbi, Egreen, Iselco, Centro Ideali, Art wood, Μetallock, Carteco και Bright and every single one who collaborated for the exposition.

Αrchstudies Team

Grozopoulos Dimitris, Kasimati Efi, Kasimati Sissi, Polymenidis Michael


The final list of the 25 participants (in random order) as developed by the jury is the following:


  1. Antonis Athanasiou, Maria-Chryssoula Akrivou


A series of interventions along the old train rails.


  1. Achilleas Pliakos

Centre of teaching the craft of rock in Exochi, Mastrochoria, Konitsa

A Craftsmanship Workshop

3.Stratis Georgiou

Elysium // an ευ/topic approach, narration of a synthetic ecology

A speculation on the digital afterlife issue

4. Eva Grigoriadou, Georgia Manousogiannaki

rec.cover _ Architectural surface as a means of creation of meeting places

A new type of social – collective spaces in 3 different areas of Athens

5. Nestoras Skantzouris

DELFOI(The Kastalia spring chasm)

A Spacial re-evaluation of Delphi’s emblematic landscape

6.Iakovina Kontiza, Thalia Sachinidi

Boarding Station in an island port

A passenger’s station for the islands of Kyklades ports

7.Dimitra Moskoveli, Stefania Papadopoulou, Maria Pnigoura

Summer Workshop in Samothraki

A summer workshop

8.Konstantinos Moustakas, Marianna Kaltsa

horizons \ a conceptual contemplation space

Three different scenarios in a constant dialogue with the environment and the human itself,

9. Alexandra Marantidou, Giorgos-Petros Lazaridis

Oblivion / Healing the wound

A study on how space could accelerate and work as a complement in the forgetting of an event

10. Anna-Maria Papoutsopoulou

The metonymic object of desire

A landscape intervention in the coastline of Faliron

11.Christos Koufidis, Konstantinos Pittas

Lighthouse Museum in Andros

A Lighthouse museum

12.Daphne Gourzi, Evangelos Vrakas

New Archaeological Museum of Delos

A museum in the island of Delos

13.Niki-Vasiliki Kolovou

Conference centre in the city of Ioannina

A conference centre

14. Silena Laskari, Christina Kavoura

Junkspace: meta-typologies

Rethinking urban issues

15.Eirini-Dafni Sapka, Aikaterini Mpakaliou

Dotia Tempea / Place and places of memory

An intervention in the area of Tempe Pass

16.Konstantinos Stathopoulos

Wooden Polykatoikia

A wood-based construction

17.Marios Petroggonas, Michalis Takopoulos

Dwelling in motion: Revival of the old railway network of Peloponnisos

An alternative dwelling experience on the abandoned train rails

18.Marina Leventaki, ElisaniaMichalopoulou

Activating the hill of Lycabettus

Introducing activities on the hill of Athens

19.Georgios-Arsenis Zachariadis, Giorgos Choussen


A spatial investigation

20.Barbara Gkoufa, Filothei Zisopoulou, Myrto Thanasi

In the woods / Ever-changing conditions of dwelling in an ever-green landscape

Residences in natural environment

20.Elina Christodoulaki

Improvisation / School of improvisation in Metaxourgio

An improvisation workshop

21.Karolos Michailidis

Memory and Reminiscence: Traces in Fener, Istanbul

Four empty abandoned plots/fragments are chosen, and link into a building complex

23.Stella Papazoglou, Louiza Varelidi

Curative Parasite

Urban experiments in Fanar, Istanbul

24.Eirini Karaoli, Aggeliki Rachioti, Ntea Retzou

Towards/At the Sea _ Port and old beach of Avlona

Interventions in the coastline of Avlona

25.Virna Koutla

Monastery- study in the island of Ioannina

A monastery


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Author: Rotating Editor Athens