Pause in motion


Pause in motion Being Americana, being in América

Trips are like spirits. They invite us to talk to them, to lift the transit of life, to split the focus of our looks, to touch the singing of birds and humans. They are present, lying in wait, whising for a new palpitation of what is close and what is far. Going throughout the landscape entails movement, size, dimension. It is a practice that tests our attitude, our human condition and the process of observation. Hera and now, to build an identity that will reflect us. Crossing space is going towards America, with the other, with the unknown so far to recognize ourselves there, by being there. The architecture of a journey, a construction made by “all of us”. We are all present at that moment, those who has determined to be there. It is a life experience within the community which before leaving deals with the dimension of material things, food, maps, tools, transportation, acts and records at the time prior to the trip.

The work is planned and carried out by everyone, taken as the summing up of its parts, each one contributing with some piece that comes from the sensitivity provoked by the landscape, the environment and their own intention. Step by step, as a conversation, as the game, simple in action, special as a group. We go ahead willing to listen, to get together, to “know each other” in a ephemeral, brief and transient action which will last for ever by dwelling in our imagination as a gift.

In my experience, the objective was to leave something as a trace, finding out about our craft among a group of 100 students of arquitectura and design of the Pontifical Catolic School of Valparaíso, Chile. One action, one mark. One destination, one context. The re signifying of the landscape. The rebuilding of a place. For me, as an exchange student from the Faculty of architecture of Rosario, it is necessary to highlight the effort to research, trace and also draw the customs and the the crafts of the place. The expression of the moment and the study of the circustances prior to the intervention are found in the recording. The search for the sense of our work is performed. The habit of watching and being able to narrate something through graphic and poetic expression as part of the traveller’s binnacle. The spot was the village of Paildad in the Chiloé Island in Chile. When we arrived, we made the tables we would use during our stay, we placed the tents inside a gymnasium and we started to think which was going to be the new building surrounded by the shore, the 17th-century curch, the school, the town hall, the health center and the colorful cemetery. As to the uses, the project was built solving the different levels of an amphitheater, laying a ramp among the trees, several roadside viewport, benches, stairs and swingins before raching the seaside with its pier and a sculpture. The work was divided into grups by sectors and we used wood from the place: columns, beams and boards which surprisingly were just enough to complete our work without any waste. To conclude our experience and bless our work, we finally prepared a Curanto, a traditional meal in Chiloé which is made up with seafood and vegetables wrapped up in large leaves to give them more taste and cooked underground by the locals and ourselves to celebrate life!12236831_10207987512876767_379708267_o 12236883_10207987510836716_1951452574_o 12236930_10207987509196675_1695067005_o 12242778_10207987239229926_1102457245_o 12242808_10207987242470007_518908670_o 12242987_10207987518156899_1746147914_o 12248420_10207987511396730_1304888587_o 12250702_10207987522597010_1012230_o 12255116_10207987524397055_469188223_o 12255490_10207987525117073_1107150206_o 12269000_10207987263830541_884045660_o 12271175_10207987263110523_366059199_o 12271409_10207987232829766_932785880_o 12271445_10207987520196950_1466360906_o 12271446_10207987526317103_297919415_o

Author: Julian Barrale