Abandoned house

Year : 2013

Function: Art installation

Site location: Rua do Almada, nº581, Porto – Portugal

Institution: SET festival, ESMAE.

Brief description of the project:

What is an abandoned house? What is an house without life?

In a city as porto, where ruins and empty historical buildings are omnipresent, we like the idea of returning to one of this abandoned houses a temporary memorial of the glorious times, when it could fulfil the objective which it was made for.

We filled this house with cutouts that evoke those times. Sounds, paths, images. Promote the discussion.

What results from the union between housing clippings and a space clearly devoid of function?

Nationality : Portuguese

Contacts: teresanunesleite@gmail.com

City and date of birth: Teresa 31/07/1992 Santa Maria da Feira; Elisabete 26/03/1992 Santa Maria da Feira. Hugo 9/12/1992 Lyon.

Selected pictures of your project

Author: Teresa Leite (FAUP), Elisabete Sousa (ESMAE) e Hugo Bonjour (ESMAE)