Ibiza Redux

Year : 2015

Function: Leisure / Landscape.

Site location: Ibiza

Nationality: Spanish

City and date of birth: Talavera de la Reina. 28 / 12 / 1989.

University / Institution: Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura.

Tutors: Project: Manuel Collado Arpia / Structures: Gema López Manzanares.

Contacts: fgzarq@gmail.com / studio@mi5vr.com

03 - Skrillex live at Ibiza Redux 2020. Mothership main stage set 02 - Music Festival

IBIZA REDUX is a proposal for introducing a new tourist pattern in Ibiza, based on farming, through the rehabilitation of the open air quarries located on the southeast side of the island.H:poaneles0 Esquema ReduxEsquema principal CS Panel02 Situac D:1 ARQUITECTURAPFC2 Paneles4 Propuesta TerritorialPropu

The phases of the rehabilitation process are not implemented at the same time in all the quarries. In this way, only when a phase is ended in one quarry, the same phase may start in another.D:1 ARQUITECTURAPFC2 Paneles4 Propuesta TerritorialPropu

The plan introduces in each quarry a Music Festival program which evolves transforming the place into a tourist farming center: Crop-Club. The Music Festival takes one year to be prepared and is celebrated during one week in summer. After four years, the festival program is transformed into a Crop-Festival which starts to introduce crops in the quarry. Two years later, the Crop-Festival has transformed the place into a stand-alone tourist farming center, and the rehabilitation process is completed.H:poaneles0 Esquema ReduxEsquema principal CS Panel02 Situac 08 - Quarry evolution process Presentación1 Presentación1

The project is focused on the Music Festival phase, because it is the moment when the main devices, to colonize and transform the quarry, are developed. There are two main devices:

JACK: Set over the quarry benches, this element enables the movement between the different levels. In addition this device contains the habitable program as hotels, offices and clubs.

MOTHERSHIP: This device is settled in the huge low platform and ghaters all the stages and the celebration zone for the Music Festival. In addition, the Mothership has a portable structure to move the Music Festival in a global tour during winter months.

These elements are generated from the island landscape analysis, in a way to introduce the most outstanding territorial elements inside the quarry.D:1 ARQUITECTURAPFC2 Paneles8 JACK9 JACK CS CURVAS NUE 12 - The Big Jack. Zoom 13 - Jack elements D:1 ARQUITECTURAPFC2 Paneles11 Mothership11 MOTHERSHIP CS 15 - Mothership. Timetable D:1 ARQUITECTURAPFC2 Paneles11 Mothership B Axonometría1 Superpanel


Author: Fernando Gómez Arroyo