Most important architecture news of November 2015

1. Santiago Calatrava Receives 2015 European Prize for Architecture


European Prize for Architecture recipient Santiago Calatrava and his wife, Robertina, Photo: Joe Woolhead

Spanish-born architect Santiago Calatrava received the coveted 2015 European Prize for Architecture, commemorating his visionary career that began in the early 1980s and includes dozens of iconic projects. Over a hundred design professionals and associates of Calatrava gathered in lower Manhattan, on the tenth floor of Seven World Trade Center in a space overlooking the site’s spindly transit hub—his hotly anticipated mixed-use project due for completion in the first half of 2016. (

2. Pezo von Ellrichshausen designs a building made up of 100 circles


Finite Format exhibition by Mauricio Pezo and Sofia Ellrichshausen, Gallery of Contemporary Art in České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Chilean architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofia Ellrichshausen are presenting a concept for a megastructure developed from a hundred circular enclosures as part of the “Finite Format” exhibition at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in České Budějovice, Czech Republic. According to the architects the aim of the project was to investigate the capability for architectural experimentation when constrained to a single repeating element – in this case the circle. The seemingly random arrangement of the shapes demonstrates the scope of room shapes and sizes possible, despite the original constraint. Some are still round, others are crescent shaped, but the majority are much more complex. The sense of scale is emphasised by a series of doorways cut through the walls, as well as by the addition of figurines. (

3. Ikea launches Space 10 innovation lab to explore the future of home design

Ikea_Space ten_3nta

Ikea Space10 innovation Lab

Ikea has launched a research hub and exhibition space in the heart of Copenhagen to test product prototypes and ways of improving consumers` everyday life. Space 10 will create a partnership with individuals from the worlds of art, design and technology on a series of research projects that will result in a range of prototypes, as well as exhibitions, events and workshops. Its first project, called Fresh Living Lab, has seen the furniture giant partner with 12 designers from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Read more on

4. See “More Sky” with These Collapsible Window Seats


`More sky` by Aldana Ferrer Garcia

Aldana Ferrer Garcia has created a series of windows called “More Sky” for her Masters of Industrial Design thesis project at Pratt Institute. Using existing window mechanisms, More Sky seeks to promote a healthier and happier home life by connecting users with the outdoors and offering a glimpse of the sky from a different viewpoint. Because of her background in architecture and now in industrial design, Aldana enjoys working in that “in between space”, as her thesis adviser declared. (

5. Carbon Nanotubes, Kevlar and Spider Silk: Meet the World`s Strongest New Materials


Crabon nanotubes, kelvar and spider silk

In recent online documentary, researchers delved into the possibilities for alternatives to the strongest building materials on the market and arrived at some surprising results.Could spider silk replace steel cables? Could carbon nanotubes become a substitute for rebar? Read more on

6. UNStudio’s Arnhem Station to Open to the Public


Arnhem Station by UNStudio

The project has been underway since 1996, when UNStudio was awarded the contract for the ArnhemCentral masterplan, which includes the development of office space, shops, housing units, a new station hall, a railway platform and underpass, a car tunnel, bicycle storage and a large parking garage. The Public Transport Terminal is a key component of the masterplan, serving to link six different modes of transportation in addition to hosting office and retail space. The terminal “makes use of a unique freeform concrete shape to provide passengers with a smooth transition between different modes of transport”. (

7. Studio RAP completes first robotically fabricated building in the Netherlands


`SkilledIn office` by RAP Studio

A team of architects and designers have used a huge robot to construct a 130-square-metre building inside a former industrial machine hall in Rotterdam. The team, called Studio RAP, described the structure as the “first robotically fabricated building in the Netherlands”. Named “SkilledIn Office”, it is located at the city’s Innovation Dock – an education and technology centre at the former home of the Rotterdam Dry Dock Company – where it provides an office and training area for technology students and entrepreneurs. One of the studio founders, Wessel van Beerendonk, explains: “Our aim is to take this out of the academic world, where a lot of developments have been initiated, and apply it to building practice.” (

8. Hello Wood 2015: It Takes a Village to Raise Outstanding Architecture


Hello Wood 2015

Set in the depths of rural Hungary, Hello Wood has emerged from the landscape for its 2015 edition, entitled ‘Project Village’. Since 2010, the Hungarian-led collective of architects, designers, students and artists have gathered from around the world to create temporary wooden installations. Now in its sixth year, Hello Wood was realized with the help of 150 volunteers from 30 countries, and co-curated by Johanna Muszbek, with the shared vision to build a series of community-driven pavilions. Together the teams created fifteen unique wooden pavilions, each centred on a different component of the architecture of a village. Read more about the projects on

9. World Architecture Awards: Singapore`s vertical village named building of the year


World Architecture Awards: Building of the Year by Office of metropolitan Architecture and Buro Ole Scheeren

A “vertical village” in Singapore has been named the world Building of the Year. Judges at the eight annual World Architecture Festival, hold at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore awarded the top prize to The Interlace. The village, designed by the Office of metropolitan Architecture and Buro Ole Scheeren was praised for its “radical and alternative” approach to living in a tropical environment. (

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Author: Ramona Deaconu