Year: 2013

Function: Education

Site location: Campus Rodrigo Facio, UCR; San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica

Institution: Universidad de Costa Rica

Brief description of the project:

Located inside the University’s Campus “Rodrigo Facio” in San José, Costa Rica and with an interdisciplinary basis the Media Lab UCR, receives within it’s different spaces, students and professionals from various careers, focusing on the creation and discovery of new knowledge in the field of architecture . This encourages the union of the more unconventional areas of research in different laboratories. Starting from the principle of social interaction of different users , the project emphasizes circulation, making it possible to generate a path through the different areas to incentivate and allow the user to interact both visually and physically within each of these spaces no matter the location.

Structurally, the project rises by steel beams and columns as primary structure, said structure is wrapped by a climatologically protective skin. The perforations on the skin vary according to the orientation of the project, making it much more permeable in those facades least prone to radiation levels. In adittion, the skin openings are strategically located in spaces that, due to the configuration of the project, are in need of natural lighting.

Based on the principle of social interaction of different users, the project takes as its main axis the movement between the spaces, creating a path that allows users from any point, both visually and physically to interact within each of these, said path is achieved through the use of ramps for the transition from one level to another. The project responds to this with open floor plans at all levels, facilitating the interaction of the two great branches that define it, laboratories and social areas.

The Media Lab seeks to generate a reciprocity between the site and the project itself, creating a direct relationship with the existing public space. That’s why the main entrance and the spaces proposed in the first level open up towards it, directing the user and providing a direct access to it, from and through the project. Likewise the other spaces have a dominant visual connection to the plaza.

Nationality: Costa Rica


City and date of birth: San José, October 8, 1991

Tutors: Arq. José Alí Porras, Arq. Eugenia Solís – Design Workshop “Tropical Architecture0”

Media LAB UCR 6

Author: María Fernanda Barquero