Residences and auditorium square in “via del Porto Fluviale”

Year: 2015

Function: Houses, auditorium and shops.

Site location: Roma, via del Porto Fluviale.

University / Institution : Roma Tre University, Faculty of Architecture.

Nationality: Italian.


Tutors: Prof. Arch. Francesco Cellini, Prof. Arch. Giovanni Longobardi.

Brief Description of the project:

The lot is placed in the former industrial zone of Rome.

The district is strongly characterized by architectonic presences as gasometer and bonded warehouses by the river Tevere.

The project area borders in the west side on the ex army station, on the Ostiense street in the east side and on the railway in the north side.

The disposition of the building allows to protect from the noise and to create a public space connected with the court of the ex army station.

The presence of the auditorium framework divides the garden and the square.

From the Ostiense street the visitor is attracted from the square. Like in a renaissance architecture you can wholly realize the entire disposition in an analytic way and then ,when you are inside, you can percept the single parts of the complex.

Walking trough the square the visitor is attracted by what he can see thanks to the auditorium trasparence : the soft shapes of the enterior show up because of the foliages of the back garden. Below the Auditorium there is a different public space which has the purpose to prepare the visitor to the silence of the auditorium or to the quiet of the garden. Is a transitory space, the low ceiling and the “pilotis” of the environment create a feeling of perturbation, that helps you preparing your mind to listen music or to enter in the middle of a quiet place, far from the noise of the citylife, completely protected by the walls of the former army station. The Auditorium is in continuity with the logic of the public spaces : you can completely perceive the space, but you have to discover it in all his functions. It’s a place characterized by simplicity hiding a rich complexity. The apartments also guarantee the right comfort standards thanks to a simple disposition that permits to ventilate all the rooms and to protect them from the sun.

In this project the static nature of the forms is converted in the dynamism of the emotions wich are generated in the visitor.

Concept Plan, Section, Front

Apartment A_Plan Apartment B_Plan

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3D view

Details_3D views


Author: Ciardi Elisa, Cotugno Antonino, D’Amato Emilia, De Lillo Magliulo Carolina.