Scripted Evolution

The ontology of cellular infrastructure and patterning in nature is in question for our thirst for excavation.

So much of today’s being is derived on creation and environmental propulsion we fail to look towards our own earth, serendipitously soaring through our galaxy. This investigation peers into the actions of mining for information as well as resources, and how we observe nature and its environmental design process. How the behavior of cells, growth, mitosis and digestion of informational material decomposes and re-grows is part of this process for energy. Placing a critique on disruptive technology and the future of growth, space + science.

Scripted Evolution // Harvesting

Stage One // Excavational Harvesting

Scripted Evolution // Evolutional Patterning

Stage Two // Evolutional Patterning

Scripted Evolution // Cellular Mitosis

Stage Three // Cellular Mitosis

Scripted Evolution // Nuclei Fission

Stage Four // Nuclei Fission

Scripted Evolution // MNML Displacement

Stage Five // MNML Displacement


Author: Robert Guertin