Students Residence in Madrid Río

Year : 2013/2014

Function: Student´s Residence

Site location: Madrid Río Park (Madrid. Spain)

Nationality: Spanish

City and date of birth: Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara. Spain // 10.04.1992

University / Institution : University of Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. Spain

Tutors: José María Mercé and Patricia de Diego


The project is located in Madrid Río Park, in front of Matadero Madrid. The election of the place, responds to the need to connect Madrid with Madrid Rio Park and Matadero Arts Center.

The project is based on the idea of ​​a Student´s Residence and a Park and on the fact that architecture is born from the union of small pieces, or tesserae (parts), that would conform a mosaic (all) . Therefore, they have chosen to integrate geometric shapes in the environment.



The program is divided according to the different scales of work, these are: individualrefers to the intimate space and staff living” (accommodation of students, families and manager ) familiarshared scope in which the individual interacts with a selection of people forming a larger unit coexistence ” ( TV room, living room and parlor games and music) , communityvirtually appears the concept of intellectual or school community” (classrooms and workshops, computer area, reprographics , administration, toilets, service areas ) and public “shared new gradient privacy” (library, exhibition area , restaurant / dining hall).

Floor Plan_0

Floor Plan_0



Rooms are a fundamental part of the program and must meet the needs to have occupants. In this case there are young students and adults who may or may not family. Therefore, we have created different types of rooms: capsules, 15 m2 responding to the need for a student mini – apartments, 40 m2 meets the needs of two young students and last floors, 60-78 m2 meet the needs of adult students with or without family.

Furthermore , personalization of the different housing units is very important, because each person has different tastes and needs, therefore some rooms that are folding furniture proposed, creating at the same place and m2 spaces different and environments based on usage needed at all times, thereby generating flexibility and versatility to continue the project overview.Model

Author: Evelyn González Malagamba