Verdant Collective

Year: 4th year undergrad

Function: deep field research facility

Site location: North Eastern United States [ 2050 ]

Institution: UK/CoD

Brief description of the project: The Verdant Collective exists as a response to the crises of a post-present context.

In this extrapolation, heavy population swings have left most of the world heavily underpopulated. The lessened effects of mankind on the environment has led to rapid natural reclamation.

The structure houses a diverse community of researchers whose goal is to document and archive the emerging flora, and their properties that may be beneficial to society. The Verdant Collective is the moniker given to this group of researchers that includes environmental scientists, biologists, chemical engineers, bio-chemists, pharmacists, statisticians, and computer engineers.This project explores the relationship between labor and leisure, and how different spatial programs can inform shifts from human-oriented formal strategies to object-oriented formal strategies. These shifts then inform the daily lives of the Verdant Collective.

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