Mercado de abastos / Burjack Rebecca

Function : Market hall

Site (historic center of Granada) : Granada, Spain

Year :2012

Name of the istitution or competition where the project was carried out: Etsa Granada, Proyectos IV, Granada, Spain

Brief description of the project : The market is located in the center of Granada, next to the cathedral and next to a very old and important street-Calle cárcel baja. This road is the connection to the historic district of Albaicin. In Granada there is a big cultural influence of the Arabs, which inspired us in this market. There are holes in the facade with the shape of Arabic symbols. The translucent concrete facade with two types of holes – partially filled with concrete, other open -allow natural ventilation.

The volume creates a public space between the new and the existing market Market St. Augustine, where you meet people, events take place, and other different occasions. The new market is a project with a large staircase (Spanish-steps), which acts as a roof and a public space.

The main idea and important concept is the permeability of the pedestrians through the market. There is plenty of shade and green oases around the market area. The terrace provides a great view of the cathedral and includes the cafe. It is accessible and independent from the market hall.

Nationality : German

City and date of birth : Loerrach, 24/10/1988

Institutions or courses attended ( Bachelor of Arts): – Technical University of Munich, 2010-13 Munich, Germany, 2012

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Author : Burjack Rebecca