Hey guys!

So we don’t know if you are in a warm weather climate but we are freezing here so we are in the mood were all we can think about is sun, sun, sun anddd chilling.

This is the title of this week’s newsletter and you may be wonder why? Ok so just as a low down here is what happened in a year:

  • We did 3 successful competitions and they were amazing for us to create and collaborate on especially thanks to you.
  • 6 (+1) are coming your way
  • books have been made and a third one is under construction (oh yes!)
  • Yellow was the first color used
  • Images, suggestions, articles were out and about and more are coming your way

With this brief but concise recap of what happened, we want to let you know that the first three cycle are down. We made it and it’s also thanks to you and in fact you need to know that the work in Non Architecture Competitions is organized on a four months cycle. First cycle (February-March-April-May), Second cycle (June-July-August-September), Third cycle (October-November-December-January).

So now we are looking forward to introduce a new color and new cycle that we’ll be coming in May. In this period we will perfection ourselves and our work and we will still be harassing you weekly, on social media and with asking you for your help and suggestions.

In fact, we want your work to be continuous so if you feel like being part of the third book don’t hesitate to send your articles, photoessays or illustration to our editor at carol@nonarchitecture.eu 

With this said the cover image explains our chilling vibes and in case you want a small suggestion for this week go for what you see and watch Somewhere by Sofia Coppola. The LA scenes we’ll get you in the right mind set to start off your Monday!