You guys may be wondering what this tile is about.

Well, we thought that after weeks of giving you topics, news, links and suggestions, we wanted to actually make you a part of who we are.

Soon we will update a new version of our about page, with more information on who we are why we do what we do, but since the newsletter has been till now our chance to suggest you with some useful tips and communicate with you, we decided to skip this weeks updates and give instead you a short version of our story.

Differently from almost all the other compeitions platforms, we are part of a non-profit organization, called Adamas 33. The aim of Non Architecture is in fact not to make money through ideas competitions, but instead use the competition system to produce a collective research, pushing participants into challenging their own limits.

This competition methods was a chance for us to create something with the rest of the people out there that want to be part of a community, a community that is far but close, that has a chance to connect, share, develop, love and create. We wanted to create something in order to shake up things, something that could go beyond the regular boundaries of design, architecture, competitions and all of the world with it; boundaries that need research and that still need to be discovered by us and you…

With this said, we want you to get to know how’s behind Non Architecture: we are five, all still in our 20’s (like a 90’s boyband or girlband), a Russian, a Dutch, two Italians and a Italo-American; all living in different parts of the world, but under the same philosophy, closely connected thanks to this world that fights against time and places so distant between each other.

Since we are young, we wanted to create something no profit under the views of economy but really profit under the views of sharing ideas, love and interest; our true payback is to feel that we are building a community of designers that want to reinvent architecture. Therefore, more than making our voice heard, we would like to hear yours, your message and your outcome on what we are doing. By suggesting you every week something, it is your time to tell us something too…

Give us feedbacks, ideas, let us know what you think of the system we are adopting. At the end of the day that’s what really matters for us, and you guys are the only ones who ca make the difference.

So, please, do be part of all of this: get in touch with us o fb or through e-mail and tell us what you think.

In order to let you more in on our little universe, here is an exclusive look to one of our editorials that explains what Non Architecture is all about. This essay will be published in our book about the first competition “Sleeping – Alternative designs for hotels”, out September 1st.

We want to leave with hopefully some inspiration and aspiration in order to share with us, all of what’s going trough your head about yours, ours and everybody’s work!

Till next week, with love.