Hi guys.

Ok so we actually did set the bar a little low in this last period, we guess this 2017 it’s not the best year EVER. But we can do it right?

Soo since we lost a little bit of our magic and touch, let’s get it back on!

With this said we are here arriving with a hurricane of news!

First – THE WINNERS of “Training – Alternative designs for sport facilities” have been announced and the other lucky 47 projects are going to be published in the third amazing book we are going to work and create! Exciting? Well, in case you have seen them already, you are awesome, in case you missed the news head over here to check them out

Second – Since we already mention a third book, why not purchase and see the second one? Making – The book, is finally out! And there are two ways you can have it, either get an awesome physical copy and pay around 33 euros, or get a pdf copy and pay as you want! Just click here to view which option is more suitable for you!

Third – Ok, so are we confusing you? If we are, sorry for that but this is the last major news; the Call for Materials for “Training – Alternative designs for sport facilities” is also out! So if you feel like joining the third book in case you missed the first two ones, or in case you want to also participate in this one go head here and read what we are looking for! We love to receive your work and materials so please don’t be shy and send us all you want to send.

Fourth – In case you feel like sending all your cool material for the third book or just complain about the newsletter or praise it or just to have a chat with our quirky editor, please do but NOT via her usual mail! She just bumped up to a cooler email which is:

Ok, so we probably annoyed you enough…but in case we didn’t we want to leave you with a little perk and suggestion to brighten up a bit your January!

WATCH: An awesome and cool new mini and actual series – High Maintenance from HBO. It’s probably a little too controversial, but trust us, it will make you smile!

Love to all and we will be back sooner rather then later!