Non Architecture #12


Hello yellow mellow friends,

Another weekly update because we love you and we can’t have enough of you!

The main subject of this mail is that we officially opened the form to fill if you want to work with us. If you click here you can upload all your information and you can be part of our unique and innovative team. There is also an important element to evince: there is a flow of cash if you join so maaaake it rain!

Another thing is that the winners are chosen and we will announce them before the 23rd: are you exited? We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Let’s not forget that there will be the book (one for each competition) where we were publish the projects (winners and honorable mentions) and all the rest of the wonderful material that you can send to the editor at the address For all the details check again the call for materials.

Last but not least we want to give you some non conventional materials to work on. This time is two things that you have to watch so you can do it in your underwear, at work, at the uni or wherever you want to take a break from the daily routine:

1 – The new TV SHOW called Happy-ish: an American dark satirical comedy-drama about middle age workers struggling to live in a world where young people emerge (once you see it you will understand why we suggest it)

2 – The new MUSIC VIDEO of Justin Timberlake: it’ a happy and fun song but the imporant thing is that it’s set in surroundings that follow the first competition and maybe also the other ones (spoiler alert).

This said we want to say bye for now!